Moving Drawing

The challenging part about my work is that i am trying to imbue digital material with the warmth of analog material. I try to achieve this by making animated drawings. My drawings are created on a PC and presented on paper. They are little animations that tell a fragment of a story without beginning or end. The rest of the story forms in the viewer’s head, same as when viewing a traditional drawing.

These animated drawings are then hung upon the wall, so to say. A number of sheets of paper corresponding to the number of animated drawings is hung upon the wall, after that the drawings are projected on the paper with beamers. By installing the beamers in a specific way the forming of shadows on the drawings is avoided, even when the viewer stands up close. With digital material I create a drawing that has all the features of a drawing that is created by traditional means and the additional feature of motion.

On my website I collect all of my work to form an archive of animated drawings. The intention is to build a digital cabinet, the drawers of which can be opened to take out a drawing.